Passion Hd Anikka Albrite in Sex Drive

Anikka Albrite is a super hot blonde and her man brings in gifts that only get her hotter. She has a sexy figure and body and gives man a pair of her panties to thank him.

He follows her upstairs, and the action gets hotter. She gives her man a hot blowjob, sucking his hard cock and getting him super hot from the hot sex with her.

They take it further upstairs with plenty of doggie style fucking and she rides him nice. She takes him cum all over her sexy face when done and milks every bit of cum from him.

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Passion Hd Holly Michaels in Hide and Seek

Holly Michaels is playing hide and seek from her man in her huge home. He arrives and she surprises him in her sexy lingerie, and he is smiling from the vision of her sexy body.

The action is intense and she gets on her knees to suck his cock right away. After some sucking, the action turns to hardcore sex where she is fucked doggie style right.

Her tits bounce in the hair with her trimmed pussy getting slammed hard by his cock, and her body looks amazing while getting pounded. A cum facial finishes the hide and seek game.

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Passion HD Vanda Lust in Bubbling Passion

Vanda Lust is with her man in the kitchen sharing strawberries, and their passion is understandable. After some champagne and strawberries the passion leads to hard sex.

They move to the bedroom, and Vanda Lust starts giving her man a blowjob, and sucking his hard cock. She sucks it well. She then gets on top of her man, and riding his hard cock.

Her slender body and petite tits ride his cock and bounces up and down off him. He licks her some and then fucks her hard enough to give her a creampie of oozing cum in her pussy.

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Passion Hd Alexis Adams in Summer Fun

Alexis Adams is in her lingerie in the kitchen, enjoying the summer weather. She is making lemonade and preparing for a sexy summer day. She takes it to her man outdoors.

Outdoors, the lemonade just leads to intense sex between thee two. He rubs her pussy right and she gets super moist from the action. The hot weather makes the sex even hotter.

They both go indoors, and there she rides his hard cock in multiple positions. Her sexy body looks incredible, and she loves his cock. Her face gets a blasting at the end of cum.

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Passion HD Giselle Mari in Maid for Passion

Giselle Mari plays a sexy and hot maid, and she is dressed up to take of her man, who gets hard from the sight of her. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock right away.

From sucking his cock, they move to the bedroom where she is fucked doggie style and has her sexy pussy fucked hard from behind. His cock slides in and out of her wetness.

She then gets on top of his cock, and her tattooed body rides his cock while sliding away. He fucks from behind and gives her a hard pounding. She swallows every drop when done.

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Passion Hd Kennedy Leigh & Chloe Brooke in Double Dream

Blonde babes Kennedy Leigh and Chloe Brooke were passionately embracing in the bathroom. As their passions increased they began to remove their clothes until they both helped each other out of their white panties and they were naked. They led each other hand in hand into the bath, sighing as they hit the warm bubbles. They began to use the bubbles to massage each other, paying special attention to the backs and tits, their nipples tingling with excitement.

After the girls left the bathroom and gat dry they found a guy laying in white boxer shorts on the bed. They wandered over, still naked and took his cock from his shorts.  The each took a turn in sucking the man until eventually he became hard.  Then, using their tongue either side of his stiff shaft, they moth licked the full length of his cock.  They all moaned with pleasure as the mans cock took a licking over every inch.

Next they took it in turns to ride his hard manhood, one girl sliding her wet hole around his meat whilst the other rid his face!   Their pussies were so wet that the guy was able to really thrust hard as they bounced up and down, swallowing every inch of his substantial cock in their tight cunts.   The action continued like this for a while, with one girl either riding or reverse cowgirl whilst the other was feeling his tongue lap around her hole.

They continued fucking, swapping from position to position until eventually the guys balls tightened.  At this point he was fucking one blonde doggy style with the other underneath her licking on her clit.  He pulled out his cock and spewed his spunk all over the one girls ass and pussy and the other’s face as the girls moaned with delight in his salty offering!

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Passion Hd Ariana Marie & Giselle Mari in Voyeur Threesome

Arianna Marie and Giselle crept through the house. They knew that a guy was showering in the bathroom and the hot olive skinned pair were desperate for a look. They approached the door and gentley pushed it ajar, their suspicions were confirmed.

As they watched him through the frosted glass they began to touch each other and Giselle’s hand wandered up Arianna Maries white skirt and she started to rub her through her panties and kiss her neck. They began to kiss passionately in the doorway, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies until they wandered away to find somewhere more comfortable.

The two hot babes got naked on the bed and Giselle began to lick Arianna Marie’s tight pussy, the moans were loud and passionate. Arianna Marie grabbed a dildo from the side of the bed and forced Giselle down. Using her saliva, she lubricated her friend pussy and began to rub her and finger her until she felt she was ready for the tot. She thrust the toy deep into Giselle, fucking her as she rubbed her clit with the other hand.

Their noise alerted the guy from the shower, who was naked but dry and he came over and replaced the dildo with his fat cock, driving it deeply into Giselle.  Her friend continued to rub her clit as the passion intensified.  Arianna Marie was not going to be left out, so she took up the same position as Giselle on the bed and invited the guy to try her for size.  

As she had not been opened by a dildo, the fit was even tighter as the guy drove home his dick into her tight wet cunt.   The girls were now his to take any way that he wanted, so he did, fucking each of the girls in multiple positions until he gave one of the girls a sticky cream pie that oozed out of her gaping pussy!

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Passion Hd Red Velvet Dani Jensen & Lia lor

Sit back, unzip your pants and enjoy this free video from Passion HD. Put yourself in the place of this lucky guy who is being pampered by two beautiful redheads, Dani Jensen and Lia Lor. Imagine how aroused you’d be as they run their hands all over your body, sandwiching you with their slim, nubile bodies, rubbing their pert exposed breasts against your body before finally reaching down to give your erection a squeeze. They take turns kissing you deeply, their foreplay driving you insane with desire.

Would you be able to control yourself when Dani and Lia are kneeling down in front of you, passing your cock back and forth and trying to take it deep down their throats? Would you be able to resist ejaculating as they looked up at you with your thickness in their mouth? I bet you can almost feel their tongues as their pleasure your cock. These two girls are very naughty and don’t mind pleasuring your ass while the other drives you insane with oral sex.

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There will come a point when all three of you can’t take the foreplay any longer. You move to the couch and sit down, while Dani hovers over you. Lia guides her cock into her girlfriend’s tight wet pussy, jealous that she gets to feel you inside of her first. As you grope her small titties, Lia kisses her friend deeply, arousing you even more.

To see Dani and Lia in an amazing threesome video, click here for instant access to Passion HD.

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Passion-Hd Kennedy Nash in Sweet Dream

To see more of this gallery make sure to click here

To see more of this gallery make sure to click here

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