Passion-HD Breakfast then Bed with Madison Ivy

There is nothing like sex in the morning with a beautiful female and Madison Ivy is definitely a beautiful busty woman. See Madison Ivy wake up in the morning and head to the kitchen as you watch her stretch for the cereal bowl you can see the outline of her nude body under her shirt white shirt that barely covers her bare bottom. Watching Madison move around the kitchen you can see her natural beauty from her bed head hair that she still hasn’t washed to her big perky breasts and long flawless legs. I guess milk really does a body good as Madison pours the creamy drink into her cereal bowl and adds her favorite cereal I’m sure your desires have reached a breaking point. Madison might have just woken up but it sure looks like it is time to head back to bed and work off that spoonful of cereal with some hot and heavy sex!

Every guy wishes they could walk up behind Madison as she eats her cereal at the breakfast bar, pressing your body against her ass and lightly kissing her neck saying a playful good morning to your lover. As she responds to your caresses and pushes her butt back against your growing morning wood you grope her body and feel her turn her head to give you a deep passionate kiss on the lips causing your cock to twitch against her warm rear-end.

With morning passions aroused you continue to rub her body and pull her loose shirt away from her large natural tits so you can grope and massage them better. Kissing and exploring her body with your fingers and lips she gets more and more aroused and you can feel her desire for you in the way her fingers grip your head and her lips press harder into your mouth aching for you to pleasure her like you did last night. You quickly place her on the counter top and bury your face in her wet pussy licking and sucking at her most private area as her body quivers in ecstasy. Your oral stimulation soon causes her to moan and beg for you to penetrate her so you move back to the bedroom.

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Back in the bedroom Madison quickly presents her tight pussy to you as she gets on all fours in the bed and asks you to fuck her doggy style as the morning light pours in the window. You quickly penetrate her tight wet vagina and slip deep into her body eliciting a moan of pleasure and desire from Madison as her bare breasts swing in the air. Moaning and squirming with erotic feelings she pushes her ass back to meet your hard cock thrusts and you know she wants to cum again just like you made her last night.

Before she can orgasm you change positions making her ride your cock and allowing her to pant her desires for your hard dick to sink deep into her pussy. Her pace quickens as your dick rams into her with more force causing her pussy to contract and squeeze your dick with her orgasm. Finally you push her down onto her knees and spray your cum on her beautiful face giving her the shower she needed this morning.

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  1. Sona says:

    These two are on my list of best sex couples. His name is Kevin Crows or Billy Hart, his real name is William Osborne.
    His unique tattoos gave him away… 😉

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