Passion Hd Carol Vega in Tight Teen By The Pool

What straight man could resist such a hot looking teen girl, strolling around all by herself in a wonderful luscious garden. Carol Vega enjoys long walks and taking in everything nature has to offer, including a sexy man’s cock inside her body. It’s always on her mind, so why shouldn’t it be in her as well.


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Once the guy appears, she is overcome with his good looks, and completely gives into temptation. After kissing and groping, she falls on to her knees, and starts blowing his already half erect cock, as it hardens completely while inside her warm wet, generous mouth.

Every hot sexual encounter should end just the way is started, spontaneously and with the same vigor and eagerness. The guy shoves his dick in front of her face and shoots his creamy man seed all over her cute looking face.

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