Passion Hd Dani Daniels & Holly Michaels in Sweet Candy

Having watched porn online since the 90’s, I can honestly say that nothing has captured my attention quicker than Dani Daniels giving a lollipop an amazingly obscene blowjob. She leans against the wall of her bedroom in just a pair of bra and panties while she slowly licks the candy up and down. She extends her tongue as far as it can go and tongue fucks the lollipop in between sucking it with her perfect lips. It may be the most arousing beginning to a porn video, ever.


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Apparently Holly Michaels was also incredibly turned on by the spectacular blowjob Dani Daniels was giving, because she got up out of bed and made her way to Holly, wearing only a pair of bra and panties, as well. What’s better than 1 beautiful girl perversely licking a lollipop? That’s right, two insanely hot babes making candy seem very naughty!

As the two stunning brunettes lick the long piece of sugary goodness they can’t help but to touch their tongues together. One touch leads to two, and two tongue touches lead to one of the most passionate girl on girl kisses in the history of bisexual babes experimenting together. The two busty beauties use the wall to take turns pinning each other against, while they begin to explore each other’s body with their tongues.

Breaking free of the wall, both girls make their way over to the bed. This is where the bra and panties come off and reveal perky, natural breasts and smoothly shaven pussies that are already wet from the candy teasing. I was convinced that licking and sucking on the candy was the high point, that is until I saw the girls licking and sucking on pussy! You absolutely must watch this video!

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