Passion HD Review

Top Features:

  • Over 800 HD scenes with beautiful models (as of November 2016)
  • Thousands of HD quality pics
  • Naturally beautiful teens and girls in hardcore action
  • Updated every few days


Creators of advertise it as Best Quality Porn site online. With almost daily updates of HD content with beautiful models, this should be best deal of online hd porn sites.

Let’s find out if things are really that rosy like they claim.


When you log into members’ area you may be surprised by the true simplicity of its navigation menu. “Damn, if these guys created such amazing content, why they didn’t invent anything more spectacular to browse their site ? ” – I thought to myself at first glance. But I was actually wrong with my first judgment. The basic menu (just the girls’ names and their videos) truly helps in easy navigating this site and, afterall, you probably didn’t join to admire its fancy graphics…just the girls !

And as for the girls… Damn, they are so hot ! I really don’t know where these guys do find them, but all of these chicks look like a ex – missworld type-of-girls. Astonishing 10/10 and every lady is just like that ! Maybe these chicks were really missworld contestants that dropped out somewhere in eliminations and decided to try porn career ? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I don’t recall seeing such amount of beauties anywhere online…

If you will add to this the fact that you may watch all these girls in HD quality on full length videos, and all of these girls just love boys and hardcore action… Well, then you have recipe for excellent site.


Who wouldn’t want to see 10/10 models in hardcore action ? So yeah, Passion- HD is definitely a haven for all porn lovers that prefer hq hardcore content with gorgeous girls.

Despite the fact that this website is online since 2012, it already has over 700 full length HD videos with few hundreds beautiful models. So the calculation is really easy – fresh new scene is added every 3-4 days, which I consider as a good frequency of updates.

Like I said before, members’ area’s navigation menu is kind of simple, but it has some good features, like a possibility to create list of your favorite movies from Passion HD archives. As a member you get also some good deals on other porn sites, that you may join for lower price (like if those 700 and counting HD movies wouldn’t be enough….); there are also some good deals on live cams with sexy girls.

I know that many of you are actually geeks and tech freaks, so you may ask me what are actually tech specs for HD movies from… And here they are as follows:

Streaming: 2500Kbps MP4 1280×720 , Downloads: MP4 (8000kbps and 1920×1080), MPG (5000 kbps and 1280×720) and WMV( 1600 kbps and 750×422).

Maybe it’s not always 4K quality, but enough to satisfy even the pickiest users. And let’s not forget that we are here for the girls (and not for pixels)… and the girls are most beautiful model- type chicks that you had probably ever seen.


Conclusion delivers what it promises on its tour. Amazingly good looking girls in hardcore action shot on hq HD videos. With over 800 full length movies (as of November 2016), and content updated every few days it is definitely a good deal in online world of glamour hardcore HD porn. Highly recommended !

Join options:

1 day limited trial – 1.12 $

1 month membership – 29.95 $/ month

3 months access – 59.37 for 3 months (19.79 $/ month)

ONE YEAR membership – 119.40 $ (9.95 $/ month) BEST DEAL