Passion Hd Holly Michaels in Flower Trail

Holly Michaels, looking amazing in a skirt and loose top, returns home to find a trail of flower petals inside her home. Having no idea what the occasion may be, she anxiously follows the trail to its end. Shocked at what she finds, Holly is speechless!


At the end of the romantic flower trail is her boyfriend with an engagement ring. Holly Michaels has always wanted to be married and is overwhelmed with joy. The only thing she can think of is making the occasion even more special. She kneels down, unzips her husband’s fly, and starts to give him head!

Making sure to give the best blowjob of her life, Holly Michaels then moves onto giving the best fuck of her life. Her big natural tits bounce and jiggle like never before as she gives one of the wildest fucks she’s ever had! The orgasms she had during the hot sex were unimaginable!

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