Passion Hd Kennedy Leigh & Chloe Brooke in Double Dream

Blonde babes Kennedy Leigh and Chloe Brooke were passionately embracing in the bathroom. As their passions increased they began to remove their clothes until they both helped each other out of their white panties and they were naked. They led each other hand in hand into the bath, sighing as they hit the warm bubbles. They began to use the bubbles to massage each other, paying special attention to the backs and tits, their nipples tingling with excitement.


After the girls left the bathroom and gat dry they found a guy laying in white boxer shorts on the bed. They wandered over, still naked and took his cock from his shorts.  The each took a turn in sucking the man until eventually he became hard.  Then, using their tongue either side of his stiff shaft, they moth licked the full length of his cock.  They all moaned with pleasure as the mans cock took a licking over every inch.

Next they took it in turns to ride his hard manhood, one girl sliding her wet hole around his meat whilst the other rid his face!   Their pussies were so wet that the guy was able to really thrust hard as they bounced up and down, swallowing every inch of his substantial cock in their tight cunts.   The action continued like this for a while, with one girl either riding or reverse cowgirl whilst the other was feeling his tongue lap around her hole.

They continued fucking, swapping from position to position until eventually the guys balls tightened.  At this point he was fucking one blonde doggy style with the other underneath her licking on her clit.  He pulled out his cock and spewed his spunk all over the one girls ass and pussy and the other’s face as the girls moaned with delight in his salty offering!

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