Passion Hd Kiera Winters & Kennedy Leigh in Working it Out

Kiera Winters and Kennedy Leigh are two stunning teens with amazing bodies. They stay fit and keep their young bodies tight by playing tennis every morning. Both of the cute girls always dress in tiny skirts and very short shorts. They love to show off their bodies, and believe the more skin shown, the better! After returning from the hot and sweaty workout, the girls decide to cool down by stripping each other completely naked and sharing a long, sensual kiss.


After both Kiera Winters and Kennedy Leigh are both nude, the sexy young things start to tongue fuck each other’s nipples, belly buttons, pussies, and even their assholes! While in the heat of the moment, the girls didn’t even notice the boyfriend they share walk into the room. He saw what his bare babes were up to and decided to get naked and join them. He started giving himself a handjob as he approached the girls. He came up right behind Kiera and shoved his cock into her pussy. She was shocked, and then very happy to be stretched by his thick dick!

He made sure to share his cock between Kiera Winters and Kennedy Leigh until both girls were rocked by massive orgasms. The very happy girls were satisfied sexually, and they wanted to satisfy their man sexually, as well. Both girls took his still erect cock, and his swollen balls into their mouths. Trading balls for cock, and cock for balls, the girls made him erupt with a volcano of cum onto both of their faces. The girls kissed and licked each other clean of his cum after the threesome ended.



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