Passion HD Surprise Delivery Featuring: Abigaile Johnson

You already believe you’re having a lucky day when you request a signature from three incredibly hot blondes with short skirts and skimpy tops. These are the days that make a labor job seem a little less grueling. Then, it happens; she finishes signing for the package and grabs your cock. The other two girls watch and giggle as they begin to stroke each other’s legs. “Is this really happening”, you think to yourself.

That’s when she takes your cock out of your pants and begins sucking on it. It is really happening! Every delivery man’s fantasy is happening to you, right now. You gaze over at the other hot blondes who are now kissing and fondling each other watching you get your cock sucked. Grabbing your cock and taking you closer to the other girls, all three lay you down and go to work on your cock which is now rock hard.

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After enjoying the feeling of three tongues all licking your balls at the same time you’re ready thrust your shaft deep inside these beautiful blondes. You bend one over the table and stick your cock in from behind. As your pumping your cock in and out of this gorgeous blonde you begin using your free hand to give the other girls some attention. Kissing them with passion, rubbing their sweet pussies, and still fucking one doggy style, you are now satisfying three amazing women at the same time.

After sticking your dick in all three pussies and giving them each an orgasm you make them kneel down in front of you. All of these blonde babes begin licking your balls and sucking your hard cock at the same time. You’re ready to explode and they are ready for your hot cum! That’s when it happens; you shoot your hot load all over the hot blonde’s tits as all three continue to milk your cock dry.



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