Daisy Stone Lingering For Attention

Daisy Stone is the type of girl who just love to keep her boyfriends attention for as long as possible. In fact, she is a master of getting it how she wants it when she wants it. Her boyfriend was just playing a game of pool when she decided that she wanted to have herself some dick for the afternoon. So she slipped into one of her sexiest outfits and walked down the stairs to meet him.

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It took Daisy only a second to get a stiffy out of her boy. She soon got down to sucking hard on his fat cock and working it so he’s ready for what’s to come. The guy politely asked her to bend over so he can first take a good taste of her wet pussy and turn her on beyond measure. Once that’s done, it’s all out pussy pounding and Daisy enjoys it all in loud screams. She humps hard on his big cock with each move she makes and enjoys it going balls deep as the mood escalates.

Daisys adventure ends up with a hot cumshot on her face that she worked hard for. Loud laughs of joy follow as she ends her smoking hot t afternoon fuck with a kiss.


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