Passion Hd Alexis Brill in How Much Can You Take?

When Alexis Brill turns hot and bothered she never passes the opportunity to have her pussy experience the delight that only a nice strong vibrator can give her. Usually being interrupted while masturbating is quite an embarrassing and awkward moment, but certainly not this time around.

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Instead she ceases the moment and seduced the nosy hot looking guy, gliding her toy over her aching pussy and smooth as for his wide open eyes. She’s got his attention, as he proceeds to toy around with her delicate and enticing pussy. It’s about to get even hotter.

She invitingly guides him to stand up with his crotch right in front of her face, as she exposes his manhood to her, she takes it in her mouth right away, eagerly bobbing her head back and forth, feeling him grow harder. They fuck wildly, and afterward he cums straight in her pretty mouth.

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