Passion Hd Aly Monroe & Naveen Ora in Tag Team Pussies

Is there any single thing that is hotter than two smoking hot babes getting each other naked and horny, only to suck a dick afterward? Probably not. For some lucky guys, tapping two pussies at once is reality, for others it’s what their fantasies consists of.

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Aly Monroe and Naveen Ora start off by sharing a guy’s erect cock, taking turns on who sucks him off, whilst he lays on his back blindfolded. He must have never felt as close to heaven as he did on this delightful occasion. One of the girls sits on the guy’s face, while the other mounts his cock.

Now things are in complete override, the pressure is rising, their swollen body parts get tinglier with every passing second of their lustful threesome, and finally the dude cums in their mouths, and they pass his cum back and forth between them.

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