Passion HD Dillion Harper & Aurora Monroe in Picture Perfect

Aurora is laying on her bed on her laptop. Using in the built in camera, she is taking some pictures of her pretty face. The camera pans down to her sexy ass. Her pink skirt has ridden up to show her white panties. Her friend Dillion walks in, and seeing her ass peeking from beneath her skirt, she playfully starts to caress it. Within moments her skirt is lifted up and she is topless and lay on the bed. Her friend licks hungrily at her young pussy as she moans with pleasure and pinches her erect nipples whilst writhing in ecstasy on the bed.


Both girls get naked and devour each other’s bodies as they are joined by a male friend.  They help him slowly out of his clothes, his erect cock springing as it is finally released.  As Aurora lays across her friend, her pussy still being licked, she takes the mans large cock deep into her throat as she rubs on Dillion’s clit.  Dillion then lays back on the bed, her friend astride her face.  She hungrily licks at Aurora’s slit as the guy thrusts his manhood deep into her tight wet pussy.

The girls switch, with Aurora in a doggy style position, but her friend laying beneath her.  The guys cock enters her wet vagina as she licks on Dillions cunt, his balls swishing around Dillions mouth as she licks and rubs her friends pussy.

The guy then lays on the bed and the girls take it in turns, one riding his large cock whilst the other rides his face.  They sense he is close to coming, so they stand up and place his twitching cock between their faces and share his load, each girl taking turns to have her mouths sprayed with his thick salty spunk.

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