Passion Hd Ella Milano + Callie Cyprus in Three can play that game

Ella Milano and Callie Cyprus were lying around the house in their underwear bored and waiting for you to come home. Two beautiful girls that are half-dressed never stay bored for long though. A little sexual glint in Callie’s eye brought a naughty idea to mind that resulted in a passionate kiss between the two girls. After that initial kiss they couldn’t wait for you to come home any longer and needed to begin pleasuring each other’s bodies immediately.

Using their tongues to explore each other’s increasingly bare bodies, the girls were now in heat for one another. Ella retrieved her shiny sex toy from the drawer and began thrusting it into Callie’s pussy. Wet and hungry for more, Callie climbed on top of Ella, straddled her face, and started receiving the oral pleasure of a wet and warm tongue inside her mound. In the passion of the moment and about to let out a moan of pleasure, Callie looked up and saw that you were home and watching the erotic display being put on by the two girls.

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Callie smiled and you removed your shirt walking over to her as she was still riding Ella’s face with her pussy. She unzipped your pants and took out your cock to start giving you a welcome home blowjob. After using her mouth and tongue to give you a massive erection it was time to take this threesome a step further and shove your cock into a wet, warm, and waiting pussy. You made Callie bend over doggy style so she could start giving Ella oral sex while taking your cock inside her mound at the same time. You thrust your cock into her shaved pussy as you gripped her hips in your hands. “This is what every man deserves when he comes home,” you think to yourself as you pound that sweet pussy with your hard cock.

It wasn’t long before sexual positions were changed every few minutes and your cock visited both pussies and had both tongues run over its shaft. You couldn’t bare another minute of this sexual delight and needed to release. Both girls knelt down in front of you, stroking, licking and kissing your cock in hopes of tasting your hot load. Not disappointing the girls your cock erupts, giving them both a mouthful of your hot cum and letting them taste the rewards of their hard work.

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    Who is the man in this video please??

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