Passion Hd – Ella Milano – Honey, I’m home

Ella Milano is a very pretty blonde teen with a curvy and youthful body. Her perky natural tits are sized exactly right for her frame and her round ass has just a little meat to it. She is constantly horny and spends more time naked than clothed. She’s been waiting around her bedroom impatiently all day for her boyfriend to get home. Ella has masturbated several times, but wants the feeling of a real cock fucking her tiny pussy.

When her boyfriend finally arrives home he’s attacked by Ella. She jumps off the bed and into his arms as she plants kiss after kiss on his face and neck. Holding her with one arm and stripping off his clothes with the other, he will soon satisfy her lust for cock. His pants hit the floor and Ella knows it’s about time. She breaks free from his grasp, lies back on the bed, spreads her legs and whimpers while waiting for his cock to enter her pussy.

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Ella Milano’s boyfriend climbs on top of the young babe and positions his penis at her hole. He teases her pussy by only shoving the head of his dick in and then bringing it back out. It’s driving Ella wild! She loves and hates the teasing at the same time. She’s finally had enough and lunges her pussy forward to meet his thrust. His cock impales Ella and see lets out a loud moan of ecstasy. They start fucking like wild animals and Ella is finally feeling satisfied.

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    Sex video

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