Passion Hd Heather Night & Ariana Mari in Teen Steam

High definition hardcore involving two flawless porn babes and one lucky stud make this a XXX gallery that must be seen. It is hard to believe that not only do two women so flawless exist, but they are eager to get naked and explicit on camera for everyone to see and appreciate.

Although both sirens are slender brunettes, the physical similarities between them end there. Ariana Marie has a tan body with bold bikini tan lines. It is obvious that she spends as much of her spare time frolicking around in skimpy swimsuits as possible. She wears a pretty navel ring and also keeps her pussy shaven nice and bare. Heather Night, on the other hand, has a fair complexion with tiny barely-B cup breasts and a thick triangle of bush atop her pretty little coochie. These naughty babes even show a side-by-side comparison of their round asses, anus’s, pussy lips, and manicures!

Ariana lies back in bed fully nude with her legs spread. Her face expresses her feelings of ecstasy as her sweet pink hole is penetrated by firm prick. She takes it in deep and gets it glistening with her juices. Meanwhile, Heather doesn’t sit idle while waiting on her turn. Everybody keeps busy by being deliciously dirty. Heather plays with Ariana’s beautiful breasts and even gets her pussy eaten. When positions are switched and it is Heather getting her hole plundered, Ariana is every bit as attentive.

The girls lick tits, rub clits, and even suck balls as they indulge in this thrilling three way. Nobody is neglected and everybody gets off. Both starlets drop to their knees for the finale, taking on a facial of cum that leaves them sticky and satisfied.


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