Passion Hd Holly Michaels in Passion is Served

What an incredible life Holly Michaels’s boyfriend leads! Not only does he have a beautiful, busty brunette as his girlfriend, he also gets her to serve him breakfast and give shoulder massages. It gets even better, because Holly is always horny and her hands eventually make their way down to his cock while giving the massage.


This grabs the spoiled boyfriend’s attention, and he finally recognizes his girlfriend, Holly Michaels. He gives her a look, and she knows exactly what it means. It’s time to drop to her knees and suck his dick until he’s hard enough to fuck!

After giving an amazing blowjob, Holly Michaels is bent over the table that breakfast was served on. Her boyfriend grabs her wrists, pulls her arms behind her, and shoves his cock inside her pussy. Holly is being fucked doggy style with her arms bound behind her and her big, natural tits bouncing wildly!

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