Passion Hd Holly Michaels & Madison Ivy in Precious Flowers

Busty brunettes, Holly Michaels and Madison Ivy, sprinkle flower petals around their tub as they both inch their way into the warm water. Both naked girls have decided to have an incredibly romantic and intimate bath together as they wait for the boy toy they share. Before he arrives, the girls share kisses, touches, and rubs in just the right spots. Both babes are sexually excited and ready for much more than just a bath!


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With the boy they are waiting for still not there, the girls go even further on their own. Both Holly Michaels and Madison Ivy each take a turn sitting on the side of the tub. While up there, each girl spreads her legs and lets the other come in close to give girl on girl oral sex. Each sexy girl’s sexual arousal is almost at its peak from the tongue fucking their pussies have taken.

Finally, their man arrives and joins them in the tub. It’s now officially a girl-girl-boy threesome. The girls greet their sexy boy by giving him a double blowjob. Both Holly Michaels and Madison Ivy gently fight to suck on his long shaft. He quickly becomes erect right in front of their faces. They’ve worked out a system, one girl sucks cock while the other sucks balls! The lucky guy is in heaven.

After his cock is as hard as it’s going to get, he bends over Holly Michaels in the tub, gets behind her, and begins to fuck her doggy style. Madison Ivy gets in front of Holly, spreads her legs, and lets her eat pussy while she’s getting fucked from behind. The girls take turns in each position until they both reach a massive orgasm. After they come back from the moment of ecstasy, they suck off their boy toy until he cums on their faces!

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