Passion Hd Jessa Rhodes in Passionate Seduction

Tattooed and sexy blonde, Jessa Rhodes, is preparing for a massage. She wore a tiny pair of cut-off shorts and a loose top for the appointment. This would be the day she goes for it! The plan is to seduce the masseuse into fucking her right there on the massage table!


Putting on her best “fuck me” face, Jessa Rhodes tries to make it very clear she wants his dick! He hands her a towel, tells her to strip down, and that he’ll be right back. Jessa took off her clothes like normal, but this time she removed her panties too! She knew he would have to get the message.

After coming back and starting the massage, he moved his hands under the towel and noticed the lack of panties. It all hit him like a ton of bricks, he knew immediately what Jessa Rhodes wanted and he gave it to her. Just like she had planned, Jessa got a hard fuck on the massage table and they both cummed all over each other!

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  1. Devil says:

    She could just clean her ass….

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