Passion Hd Kelly Diamond In Pussie Wedgie

See through tights on an amazing body like Kelly Diamond’s, almost sounds too good to be true. But luckily enough it’s no dream or fantasy. She is real, horny, and in need of a big throbbing cock like never before. When a hottie like her is aroused, it gets people’s attention.

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Her good fortune continues with a handsome guy who’s certainly ready to quench her thirst for a good fuck. She teases him, slowly dry humping his leg, wearing those sexy tights, and she can feel her pussy become more wet while she takes out the guy’s dick to stroke it.

When she can’t wait any longer, she guides him to the bed, where he rips apart the tights, revealing her stunningly tight ass, and shaved cunt. He eats her out good from behind, afterward fucking her in all the ways she’s dreamed of, only to end by blowing his man juices all over her chest and breasts.


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2 Responses

  1. Sonikal says:

    Why is it so hard to get the names of the male performers? Even the Passion-HD website doesn’t credit the actors. I get that the women are the star attractions and the primary interest of your target audience. But there are many viewers who are just as interested in the guys, in many cases, more. That’s quite a rare situation in str8 porn and a testament to the great casting (it’s also a great opportunity to consolidate Passion-HD’s market). However….here’s my problem: the last few times I was impressed by a new or unfamiliar actor, I ended up on wild goose chases trying to ID them – sometimes for hours, sometimes unsuccessfully. Please can the male actors get a simple credit below the women? Even a solitary first name would make life *much* easier than it is now. Keep up the great work.

    • tony macaroni says:

      with a little homework you can dig up data on male performers. Iafd, Indexxx for starters. DVD sites also typically list the names of the male performers.

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