Passion Hd Kimberly Costa in Randy Teen

Kimberly Costa gets her freak on when she gets that very familiar tingly feeling in her panties. She’s an amazing looking girl and it doesn’t take much to make her man horny for just as much as she is. She rubs herself, while the guy admires the sight of her pussy becoming moist.

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She takes up her favorite position of all time, sitting on his face whilst he eats her out and plays with her swollen clit. It becomes more unbearable, as she realizes that his cock is the only thing that will really please her and push her to the edge.

He bends her over, places his dick against her pussy, and at first gently slides his way inside her vagina, gradually fucking her harder and stronger, until she moans in pure ecstasy while being stabbed over and over again. Pleasure is guaranteed.

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