Passion-Hd Lacey Channing in Young and Restless

Lacey Channing is lying in bed, on her stomach, with just a white top and a pair of pink silk panties on. Her panties have slipped half-way down her cute ass and exposed her crack and the top off her cheeks. She kicks her legs up and down while fantasizing about her boy toy and the wild sex they are sure to have when he gets home. Lacey’s young shaved pussy moistens at the thought of a hard cock spreading her lips as it penetrates deeply.

She begins to subconsciously grind her mound against her bed as the fantasy of a cock filling her pussy continues. Lacey Channing was just about ready to satisfy herself by masturbating her pussy with her fingers when she heard the door shut. It was her man and he couldn’t have come home at a better time. Lacey attacked the stud where he sat and rolled around with him on the couch flinging his clothes across the floor.

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Lacey quickly took his cock into her mouth and began sucking the young buck off. His cock was so hard and felt so warm in her mouth. The feeling of it thrusting through her wet lips reminded her exactly of a pussy being fucked. It was then that she had to feel him inside and started to climb on top of him. She lowered herself down onto his thick dick and began to impale her pussy. Lacey Channing would ride his cock until he cummed inside of her and she let her juices flow over his cock from a mutual and simultaneous orgasm.

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