Passion Hd Lily Love in Masked Lover

Lily Love is a gorgeous brunette with a seductive look that could charm any man. She has a sexy and firm body with beautiful curves and breasts that have pink puffy nipples. Her nude body is completely exposed to her fully dressed lover. Lily is wearing a mask on her face and is about to have her limbs bound. Tonight’s sex will be kinky and painful, but delightfully pleasurable as well. Lily tries to reassure herself that the sex won’t be too painful, but she is fearful and nervous.

There is no way to go back now; she’s already being tied up. Fear consumes Lily and her entire body shakes. Her lover begins to shed his clothes and doesn’t touch Lily while doing so. He wants her to remain frightened. It turns him on knowing he can produce such fear. He’s already completely erect just from the joy of watching Lily shiver on the bed while tied up and completely helpless.

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He strokes his cock to Lily’s nude and bound body for a while before finally caressing the young woman and letting her know he’s close. Her fear is lessened and she prepares for the brutal fuck she’s about to receive. Her lover grabs his cock and brings it to the entrance of her pussy. He then thrusts with all his might penetrating Lily deeply before she’s even wet. It was a painful thrust and her fear is back along with the nervous shaking. The man shows no mercy and pounds her pussy until it’s raw and red. He will cum into her pussy time and time again until deciding to untie the poor girl.

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