Passion Hd Mia Malkova & Casana Lei in Bedtime Surprise

When Mia Malkova and Casana Lei get together it’s incredibly difficult for the two sexy babes to keep their hands off of one another. Both girls are gorgeous, have amazing bodies, and soft youthful skin. They are both so sexually open with each other that the only things Mia and Casana wear are two tiny thongs. As they lounge around waiting for Mia’s boyfriend to come home even the thongs are removed so the girls are free to gently fondle one another.


The stunning blonde, Mia Malkova, is the first one to let her soft hands move up Casana Lei’s body until she cups her bare breasts. She then lightly traces circles around Casana’s nipples, teasing them until they get hard and pert. Both girls can feel their smooth pussies becoming moist and their lust intensifying. The girls move their touches lower and lower until they feel the wetness of each other’s bald pussies. Casana was just about to penetrate Mia’s mound with her index finger when they heard the front door open and shut interrupting their sexual advances.

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Mia Malkova’s boyfriend entered the room and saw the girls naked and embracing one another. Casana Lei smiled and seductively asked him to join in. He immediately stripped completely naked and joined the two young girls making it a threesome. The girls welcomed him by both kissing and licking their way down to his cock. Both girls sucked, kissed, and ran their tongues over his erection at the same time. When he was fully erect Mia bent over and presented her pussy to her boyfriend. He quickly shoved his cock deep into her wet slit and pumped his cock in and out of her warm hole. Both girls would get to share the same cock many times before they were exhausted.

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