Passion Hd Presley Dawson in Passionate DayDream

On a sunny, gorgeous summer day, Presley Dawson decided to grab her lounge chair and an erotic novel to read while she soaked up some sunshine. The hot brunette wore only a summer dress that had neither panties, nor a bra underneath. Her long, sexy legs arched from time to time letting cool air hit her moist pussy.


As she continued to read the spicy stories inside her book, Presley’s pussy continued to grow wet. The cool breeze now felt even better as it blew up her skirt and over her mound. She couldn’t help but to relax, and then fall asleep in her lounge chair.

She dreams that Presley Dawson had were even hotter than the stories she was reading. She dreamt of sucking cock, having her pussy eaten, and even taking a huge dick into her young pussy. She was fucked hard until she cried out from the orgasm that happened in the dream, and woke her into real life again!

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  1. ritzy says:

    What is the name of the male costar in this?

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