Passion-HD Sensi Pearl Petite girl shafted from behind

Although she looks petite and innocent, Sensi Pearl knows how to get exactly what she wants. Today she wants you to help her stretch before her dance class. Her soft, limber body has the look of someone who was born to explore and enjoy testing the limits of her flexibility.

You stand behind her, helping her reach her slender arms up and back, the smell of her hair and light perfume making you dizzy, the warmth of her soft skin along your neck comforting you, and the sensation of her pliant ass through her thin cotton shorts innocently cradling your growing erection exciting you.

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“Turn around,” you whisper, and she obediently faces you with her face on your chest. With a mischievous look and a sly smile she lowers herself, brushing down past your navel with her delicate features. You look down to see her looking up at you, the sun from the windows making her absolutely glow. Her legs are apart and taunt, promising the excitement of a dancer’s body soon to come. She tugs your pants down enough that your shaft springs out and hits her in the face. She giggles at your eagerness and nuzzles your cock and playfully licks to the base, pulling at your hips until you you lower yourself as well and lay back. She wants you to see how flexible she can really be.

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  1. adrienne downs says:

    this girl is so hot. i want to a threesome with this couple.

  2. Marie Paul says:

    always stretch before hand

  3. jamal228 says:

    this girl is so hot. i want to a threesome with this couple.

  4. jamal228 says:


  5. casey says:

    Does anybody know the name of this well hung stud? At first I thought his two-toned cock was strange but I’m seeing him everywhere and he’s growing on me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know this guys name? I really need to know…

  7. fardin says:

    she is very good, very hot, very sexy
    I love fuck her

  8. piperhillfan says:

    I love Sensi’s breasts. I have the same and I work as naked waitress in select bars

  9. Rick says:

    That is perfect porn!!!

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