Passion Hd Sydney Cole in Wet Surprise

Sydney Cole loves to be wet, and what better way to get soaked than to peel herself out of her bra and panties and join her toyboy in the shower? He clearly doesn’t mind having to get dirty all over again.

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Sydney’s tongue piercing doesn’t just look cool…it adds another layer of sensation to what would have already been a masterful blowjob. Sydney does all the oral acrobatics, from teasing the giant swollen head to gagging when she takes it down deep into her pretty throat. You’ll love the POV and gurgling noises she makes as she somehow manages to still breathe with all that dick blocking her airways.

But it isn’t all give and no take, for Sydney enjoys a few screaming orgasms of her own when he reciprocates by gobbling her throbbing pussy and then pounding it hard with cock. The next shower she takes is in her juicy mouth.

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