Piper Perri Skater Girl Swipes Right

From the moment Piper Perri came into the room to change her clothes, her skinny body and her sweet tush grabbed our attention since she is a looker, one that no man can resist. Once she put on her ripped up denim short shorts, she took her skateboard and started grinding her sweet little pussy against the skate.

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It didn’t take long for her to get all worked up before she got naked again. Her pink cunt was ready for some penetrating and as Piper Perri was rubbing her eager clitoris a man, with a huge penis came in and her eyes went as wide as they could. Her lips shivered as she knew she had to have a bite on his huge pulsating cock. She placed her soft red lips on his pecker and gave it a sloppy pump. Piper got worked up so fast that she even started sucking on that rod, faster and harder.

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The dude knew he had to stick it in her wet pussy as soon as possible. Piper was moaning and groaning already and she was getting impatient since she desired that dick as deep in her petite pussy as possible, pronto. She leaned over the bed, propped her ass up and revealed her pussy like a flower to the dude, who immediately went in. It was a slow yet perfect entrance into Piper’s love cave and as soon as he entered they both exhaled.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed his thrusting but then again, they had to change positions again. Piper wanted everything now, so she sat on his cock, reverse cowgirl and started to rock back and forth on that love rocket. It wasn’t long before the dude couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded all over Piper Perri’s soaking wet pussy.

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