Mira Stone in Gentle Pleasure

Mira Stone has a smoothly shaven pussy, one that her man has to have a taste of. He teases her a bit with a dildo, just so that Mira Stone feels the tingles in her spine. Once properly aroused, the dude goes in her puss and eats that thing up along with sucking her clit.

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He goes slow and steady and it’s obvious that Mira Stone is horny as fuck. Her moans are telling the dude that she wants to go a step further so he gives her a taste of his dick. Once again, Mira Stone takes her time with a slow and steady cock suck.

Slow and steady with Mira Stone

That pecker is engorged to the point of busting so before that happens he fucks Mira Stone doggy style. They change things up and then, once the dude has had enough, he unloads all over Mira Stone’s gorgeous face, leaving her trembling with ecstasy.

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