Passion Hd Lana Adams in Wet and Wild

Lana Adams steps into the shower to clean herself up. Lord knows how much dirty thoughts are lingering in her mind so why not take a nice long shower, relax a bit and take it easy. Nothing is easy with Lana Adams when she gets naked.

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Controlling her urges is the hardest thing that she has to do so once in the shower she plays with her pussy and her boobs a bit. Getting herself all horned up leads up to a sex toy masturbation sesh that Lana Adams just had to do.

A wet shower with Lana Adams

Since this wasn’t enough, she comes to her man in bed and makes out with him so that he gets aroused enough to bang her. Sucking cock, missionary, cowgirl, there wasn’t a single act that they didn’t do. In the end, it was Lana Adams who came first and then her men followed with a sloppy grand finale.

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