Passion-HD Karina White and Jennifer White in Surprise 3-Some

Karina White thinks you’ve been good. Really good. For your birthday, she’s invited her sister Jennifer White over to help give you your present. The White sisters have always been close, sharing everything as sisters do, however this will be a first.

Jennifer White checks her texts as her sister knocks on the glass patio door. They embrace and kiss, taking the opportunity to squeeze each others breasts and jealously fawn over the body they didn’t get. Out come the phones to take pictures in the mirror of pairs of perfect, perky tits and shapely legs to compare and contrast. It’s too
close to call, these girls need a judge!

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You wake up to a familiar yet unfamiliar sensation, vulgar sucking noises and contented sighs, only to look down to see dark hair bobbing on your stomach. She pushes the hair away, and you realize it’s not your girlfriend, it’s her sister! What is going on? Happy birthday, Karina says, and pushes Jennifer to get her share of your cock.
Sisters share, but this will be a first. And you? You’ve been good. Really good…


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  1. jason says:

    what’s phone are jeniffer white using??

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