Passion-HD Three on One featuring Karina White + Katie Jordan + Lexi Bloom

They may look innocent, but Lexi, Katie, and Karina are anything but. Join them in a foursome guaranteed to fulfill your every desire.

You knock on the door and find the girls who were spying on you at the pool. They give you knowing smiles and invite you to join them for some fun. After the girls reveal their beautiful breasts and firm asses, they quickly undress you and take notice of your throbbing cock. Lexi starts teasing you, running her fingers along the shaft while she moans in anticipation. Katie and Karina join in as Lexi gives you a long, sensuous kiss. Each girl takes turns sucking and rubbing your cock, making you feel like you are going to explode with pleasure. You play with Lexi’s ass and run your fingers through Karina’s long, luxurious hair.

You bend Karina over the bed and take her from behind. Her pussy wraps your cock in warmth and wetness. Karina teases Lexi with kisses as Lexi explores her own body. She rubs her clit, enjoying the sensual feeling that consumes her entire being. Feeling left out, Katie takes over for Lexi, rubbing her moist slit until Lexi is dripping. Her innocence captures your interest, so you reach over and cup her breasts. You roll her nipples between your fingers and enjoy the way
they stiffen under your touch. She moans as you caress her neck and nibble her earlobes.

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Now Lexi has your attention again, writhing under your fingers as you explore her most sensitive area. Karina teases Lexi by swirling her tongue around her taut nipples while Katie watches. Then Katie takes over while Lexi and Karina share an intimate kiss. In a fit of passion, you flip Karina on her back and fuck her with abandon. When you climax, Karina opens her mouth and licks up every drop of your hot cum with a smile on her face. As you recover, you decide business trips may not be so bad after all.


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